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Post  connor1uk on Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:16 am

Anyone on here in any bands? Part of any projects? Make music? Post about it here and share your stuff. Can't say much for my band stuff right now, but got some solo electronic music that I can show you.

Finally finished my first EP under this project name; Whenever/Wherever. 6 Songs + 2 vocal mixes by my friend/local MC Zayn ‘Lisp’ Grieve, whom you should all check out at;
The guy is the best MC I know.
This EP was just a sort of experimentation in sound, the tracks might not be the most complex or pristine (Most of which is intentional but some is not) but I did put a lot of effort into foley/home Recordings, creating textures/soundscapes, trying to give this EP a certain feel/atmosphere and trying to make it very organic but very digital at the same time.
Gonna make around 100 copies of this and give some of them to some distributors I know and sell/hand out the rest by myself, to people who want them/friends.
After this I’m gonna go straight into working on my next EP ‘Always’, which is gonna be a sorta flip on this EP.
Hope you all enjoy it and I appreciate any time you take out to listen to my stuff and if you can tell me what you think, I’d love that!

Post your stuff!


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