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Favorite Tracks

Post  MixtapeMckoy on Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:09 am

I hate when you go to a show and people in the crowd start shouting out the songs they want to hear the band play (generally the most popular songs, of course) instead of letting them just do their thing, so I was wondering what are your guys' favorite songs to play live?
Also, I know that in the live setting different songs tend to stick out in new ways or take on new meanings so what are your favorite tracks you've ever written/recorded as well?


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Re: Favorite Tracks

Post  Tim TTNG on Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:14 am

Yeah it's a funny one really! I agree that sometimes it can be annoying (I mean more so if I'm watching a band and other people are shouting requests) but I think if you're performing and you're lucky enough to have people shouting for certain songs, you have to respect that and understand they've paid money to see. Playing someone's favourite song can really make a show for someone which is nice if you can make it possible. We always try to play stuff that people request unless it's a song that we simply have forgotten (this tends to happen) ; )

I think in terms of our favourite songs, it tends to change. As with most bands I think it's always more fun and exciting when playing new songs but at the same time you can be met with little response which is completely understandable as no one will have heard the songs before. I guess a goos set will balance out some newer stuff with favourites or older songs. I still enjoy playing 26 even though it's so old but it's purely front he point of view of people getting pretty excited and occasionally dancing on stage with us : )


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